Gourd Birdhouses

Our fun gourd birdhouse designs range from ornate decorative bird houses to gourds that look like natural wooden bird houses. These make a great gift for gardeners or bird lovers, and the birds really do love them!

How long will my gourd birdhouse last?  

Gourd birdhouses will last up to 10 years without any special care, but often times the finish on the gourd will wear off. To prolong the life of your birdhouse, it should only be hung outside during nesting season.

Extend the life of your gourd birdhouse with these easy steps:

Re-coat with polyurethane each year, this will help extend the finish.

If possible, avoid hanging in direct sunlight, this will help with overheating and color fade.

Minimize exposure to rain and snow, freezing and thawing can deteriorate the finish.

If the colors fade or the birdhouse peels, the birds won’t mind… they like them better this way!

Perch or not to perch?

Perches may look cute, but they simply give predators something to hold onto when approaching the entrance hole. Birds do not need a perch to enter the nest, they have such precise flying skills that they can land on the edge of the entrance opening.

Why are there holes in the bottom of my gourd birdhouse?  Holes are drilled in the bottom for drainage and for ventilation.

Can I make my own gourd birdhouse?

Yes! There are lots of instructions on how to make a gourd birdhouse yourself.  From growing them in your garden, drying them, drilling simple holes, and designing... gourd birdhouses are a fun project for anyone!   

What size hole should I get?    

All of my birdhouse holes are a standard 1.5” round.  This is a perfect size for Wrens, who are most likely to nest in gourds.