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Rooster Gourd Ornament - Australorp - Jersey Giant - Handmade

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Rooster art ornament is created from a dried nest egg gourd! With lots of detail and tons of personality, this piece makes a great gift for the holidays or for whenever! If someone you know loves chickens or roosters, this is a piece they probably don't have yet!

This listing is for one black rooster egg gourd. He has the most fabulous swirls on his wings. He also comes with floral wings. Please chose patter from menu below.

Egg Gourdaments are made from dried nest egg gourds as they strongly resemble a goose or hen egg in both shape and size. These oblong gourds were used to place in the nest to trick hens, poor girls! The gourds will vary in shape and size. Some gourds measure 2.5” tall (like the little owls) and other measure as large as 4” (the rooster’s comb usually add a little less than an inch to the length).
Each egg gourd comes with a triple coat of varnish and a hemp cord for hanging.

Thank you for stopping by my gourd shop. I hope you enjoy the fun and character I put into each piece I create. Please let me know if you have any questions.



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