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Strawberry Gourd Birdhouse

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Gourd Birdhouses with a twist!  This gourd birdhouse is made with an upside down Martin Birdhouse Gourd!  The drainage hole is at the tip of the strawberry! 

About Gourd Birdhouses: functional gourd birdhouses add charm and fascination to your back yard.  Watch as birds build their nests and raise their babies.  
  • Strawberry Gourd Birdhouses stand between 9-11" tall and are hand painted.  
  • This gourd has a drainage hole at the bottom of the strawberry 
  • A leather strap is included for hanging your gourd outside.
  • Acrylic paints are used to hand paint  each gourd.
  • Polyurethane is applied to seal the paint for outdoor use.  
  • The hole size is 1.5 in diameter, this is standard for many birds including the Wren. 
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