Whimsical Cat Tree

From Gourd Art to Just Art

Hello fellow gourd and cat lovers!

Happy 2017!   This is the year of new and exciting creative outlets.  While I will never leave my beloved gourd medium, I must admit, I am tempted by the prospect of branching into other artistic endeavors. 

Inspired by the fact that putting my cat designs on an article of clothing, a pillow, or a rug gives it another dimension of functionality, I have decided to start my t-shirt experiment.   The first part of the experiment was to order t-shirt samples...  soft... with high resolution designs... with my cats!    When they arrived from the printer, I tore open the bag and found my cats smiling up at me! 

Also new this season are my Valentine Day cat gourds.  Strong, durable and 100% handmade, these kitties are sent in a 6X4X4 box with red tissue paper and chocolate kisses! This is a perfect gift for the cat lover!

So..  take a look at my t-shirt experiment page and let me know what you think, and as always, have a gourd day!



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