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Acorn Gourd Birdhouse, Cottage Birdhouse, Whimsy for your garden

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This birdhouse is made from two gourds!  An apple gourd and a scalloped cut birdhouse gourd for the top!   A perfect cozy cottage for the birds in your neighborhood.  This makes a great gift for those who like a natural décor and love birds!  This gourd birdhouse stands about 10" tall and is about 7" round.  The hole is 1.5" round. 

Each birdhouse comes with a birdhouse care card which includes the following information:  

Extend the Life of your gourd birdhouse with these easy steps:

-Re-coat with polyurethane each year, this will help extend the finish.

-If possible, avoid hanging in direct sunlight, this will help with overheating and color fade.

-Minimize exposure to rain and snow, freezing and thawing can deteriorate the finish

-If the colors fade or the birdhouse peels, the birds won't mind!  They like them this way too!

Perch of not to perch:  

-Perches may look cute, but they simply give predators something to hold onto when approaching the entrance hole.  Birds do not need a perch to enter the nest, they have such precise flying skills that they can land on the edge of the entrance opening.

-Why are there holes in the bottom of my gourd birdhouse?

-Holes are drilled in the bottom for drainage and for ventilation.



Care information

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