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Gourd Birdhouse - Natural Finish - Perfect for a Bird's Nest!

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Gourd Birdhouse: Beauty and Birds for your garden or yard! This birdhouse is in it's natural state- no leather dye or paint- just varnish to protect the gourd.

Handmade Gourd Birdhouse with 1 1/2" hole

Gourds will range in size from 9"-10"

Gourds will vary in shape in size.... gourds are a product of mother nature and will vary in shape and size!

All gourds come with a leather strap for hanging

All gourds are protected with an outdoor varnish.

Attract Wrens (Wrens just love these birdhouses here in NY!), Swallows and other birds with this hole size.

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For more info on Gourds check out my blog!

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