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Gourd Wren House Unfinished Sale - Box of 3

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These gourd birdhouses are ready to be made into a masterpiece! It once grew in a field, and has been dried, washed, and drilled and ready for your project! Please note: This is a box of 3 small Wren house gourds - Each gourd stands between 6-8" high and is 6-7" in diameter (at the bottom). The bird entrance is 1 1/8" round- perfect for Wrens! There are so many things you can do with these gourds! Collage, acrylic paints, fabric paints... the sky is the limit. The best part is that in the end, you will have a functional piece that you can hand outside! You can watch the birds nest every spring! This is a perfect project for children and adults alike. Remember, because gourds are first designed by Mother Nature, they may vary in shape and size. I always ship out gourds with good stems and a strong shell. Some gourds may have tiny blemishes and color differences. Thank you for stopping by my gourd shop! Have a fantastic day!



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